Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Such is my life

The husband is away for a few days on business and I was feeling a bit low yesterday, so when the boy suggested Applebees for dinner (which he does almost every night and I say no almost every night), I said yes. It was 5:00 so I knew we would get a cheap meal by eating off the 1/2 price appetizers menu (indeed, we both ate and brought home leftovers for lunch today for $18).

I should have known not to go on a Tuesday. Our favorite waiter, Darrin, works Wed.-Sun.(we've been going to Applebees with the boy and sitting in Darrin's section since the day the boy got out of the NICU in 2005, so yeah, we're regulars. and Darrin treats us well because he was once a "guest' of the husband's when the husband worked in community corrections and says the husband was a nice, fair warden).

So, we had a guy I had never seen before, who was obviously new. it was not busy, and he only had three tables, but he took forever to come to us in the beginning then always looked rushed and disappeared for long periods of time.

When my food arrived it was cold and I had to flag down the manager to get it reheated. And then when it came back it was so hot I burned my mouth. That was not bad waiter's fault, but the next part was. Because the boy finished his soda! Darrin never lets us finish a soda without another one appearing. You only have to think "Gee, I'm almost finished this soda," and Darrin appears with a replacement. He's magic.

So, the boy finished his soda, and reached across the table for mine, and promptly knocked it over into my lap. And since the useless waiter had again disappeared, I was left to clean up the mess and wring out my jeans all alone (not that I wanted his help with the jeans part, but anyway).

All that to say, We should have just gone home and ordered pizza. (except I can't eat pizza these days because I have gone gluten free. But that's a story for another day.)

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Tai Tai Johnson said...

Sorry for the wet pants ....
Glad you're back blogging!