Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gratuitous Puppy Post

 Barb requested a puppy post with photos, so here you go.

Molly joined our family a week ago today. Her official name (registered with the American Kennel Club) is Molly Woggenstein.

I have been wanting another dog, specifically another golden retriever, ever since Finnigan died two years ago. But the husband wasn't on board. He said he liked having fewer animals in our small house. Plus, I think he is still seriously grieving finny. We all are,actually. Finny was a pain in the butt at times, but also an amazing love sponge and our first dog. You don't get over that very quickly, if ever.

I had been watching a  rescue dog (see previous post)  hoping to get him, but we were not the only family wanting him, and it wasn't clear if he'd be good with other dogs, or cats, of kids, so that was iffy. And we went to the dog park last weekend and saw a golden puppy that melted my heart, so Tuesday morning I decided just to browse Craig's List to see if there were any purebread or mix puppies available.

Well, whaddya know? there was a breeder in Chugiak (about 15 miles north) with a litter and there was only one left, a female. So I sent the listing to the husband, and then called him every half hour to see what he thought. Eventually he agreed (perhaps just to end the calls?) and I rushed out at lunch to get her before someone else did.

Now she's my little baby!@

Ferguson loves her (although he has put her firmly in her place as second in line at the food bowls), and the boy is over the moon too.

She is as adorable as she looks, loves to snuggle and after a bath and some time nuzzled against my neck, picking up the scent of my Vanilla Raspberry body spray, she smells heavenly!!

So, enjoy some puppy po--rn:

 (She's not goign to try to steal my snuggly, is she???)


Barb said...

THANK YOU!! You may continue about your business now.

knittergran said...

What a gorgeous face!

hokgardner said...

Dying from the cute over here. And Woggenstein! What a perfect puppy name.

Ann in NJ said...

Oh so cute. Good thing you don't live closer, my youngest would be practically living at your house to snuggle her.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That's a seriously gorgeous puppy.
I would love a goldie if they stayed that puppy size forever.
I'm sad that my new kitty is already 9 pounds.

Alice said...

O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so not ready for a dog in our house, yet....but those pictures almost convinced me otherwise.....